TikTokers are sharing their good deeds gone wrong and it's painful to watch

User Emily Ramirez started a new TikTok trend with a video in which she asked her followers to tell her about their “good deeds gone wrong”. Ramirez said that one time when she volunteered at a children’s hospital, an patient asked her to sing the song “Just Around The Corner” from The Addams Family musical. “Death is just around the corner, waiting patiently to strike,” Ramirez sang, which is clearly not great for a room full of sick people. User Sierra Moses shared that when she was in college, she spotted two drunk girls “stumbling around” outside of a bar. Moses agreed to call them an Uber if they would Venmo her money for the ride the next day. Unfortunately, one of the girls threw up in the car and she got charged a $200 cleaning fee. When Moses reached out to the girls about the money, they blocked her. TikTok user named Michael explained that a few years ago, he landed a gig playing a wedding. When he walked into the church on the big day and overheard a few guests discussing “Pachelbel Canon in D Major,” Michael decided to play it before the bride walked down the aisle. What he didn’t know was that that bride’s father had died a month after the couple’s engagement and “Pachabel Canon in D Major” was his favorite song to play