TikTokers spark debate with video of their ‘singing’ ice cream shop order

A family of TikTokers is going viral after sharing their singalong-style ice cream order. The video, which started as a lighthearted TikTok filmed at an ice cream parlor, is now turning into a major debate about how to treat service industry workers. It comes courtesy of the mega-popular Sharpe Family Singers (@sharpefamilysingers), a family of TikTokers who post videos of themselves singing and performing in various situations. In the video, the family sings and dances while requesting various flavors of ice cream. The clip ends with the shop’s worker asking if the family can repeat their order. His comment left the Sharpe Family laughing, but many TikTok users seemed to believe it was evident of a bigger issue. Many used the opportunity to claim that service workers shouldn’t have to “sit through” something that isn’t part of their job. “Why did y’all have to do this to the poor employees?” one user asked. They have to stand there pretending not to be uncomfy or annoyed”. However, the Sharpe Family quickly explained that the employee was happy with their performance

Video Transcript


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