TikTokers are traveling far and wide to visit a Utah-based fast-food chain

If you haven’t visited a Swig before, it’s probably because you don’t live in Utah Or you haven’t been on TikTok lately. The Utah-based fast food chain is currently going viral on the app. with users driving from miles away — and sometimes waiting in incredibly long lines — to visit it. The chain is famous for its “dirty sodas,” which are basically alcohol-free mocktails mixing soda, fruit juice and other flavors together. Plenty of TikTok users seemed excited to try Swig’s drinks. Others, however, questioned why they’d never heard of the chain. “This is just a fancy sonic,” one TikToker commented. Swig isn’t the first restaurant to inspire a wave of TikTok travelers. Over the course of the last year, users have driven miles to visit a “blue” McDonald’s in Arizona, a “night club” pizza chain and the “world’s fanciest” Taco Bell in California