Popular Chicago TikToker offering historic tours

Popular TikToker Dilla the Urban Historian, or Shermann Thomas, is offering Chicagoans historic tours around the city of Chicago!

Video Transcript

SHERMANN THOMAS: History means paying attention to the past, to inform your decisions in the future.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: If you're on TikTok, then Shermann Thomas, AKA Dilla the Urban Historian, might have popped up on For You page. This history lover, who grew up on the South Side, got his start on the app because of his daughter.

SHERMANN THOMAS: I was trying to convince her to do historical TikToks about Chicago, let me finish some lines, and she didn't really think it would work. So I did the first one to try to convince her that people would like it. She still didn't want to do it, but in the comments section, people kept telling me to keep going. So that's why I continued to do it.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: Thomas's videos explore all topics, such as the Chicago grid to even the history of the brownie. His father, a policeman, was a big influence in Thomas's love for history, who made Thomas memorize the streets of Chicago before GPS existed.

SHERMANN THOMAS: Sometimes Chicago's displayed in this real negative manner. And some of the greatest contributions to the American fabric come from Chicago, and so I think it's important to highlight that.

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: The ComEd employee says he uses any free time to post. Now at over 52,000 followers on TikTok. As Shermann Thomas' TikTok following grew, he got an itch to do something more, and now he's offering historic tours around Chicago.

SHERMANN THOMAS: It's going to happen Juneteenth and Father's Day. And it's going to cover the African-American contribution to America, right?

YUKARE NAKAYAMA: And with the city of Chicago opening back up this weekend, Thomas says tickets are sold out. The tour taking place in the Bronzeville neighborhood. The father of seven says he hopes his tours and videos inspire his children to reach for the stars. On the South Side, Yukare Nakayama, ABC 7, Eyewitness News q.