TikTok's 'Oh No' trend is making fails cool again

In the olden days, “fail” videos were all over the internet. Now, we have the TikTok “oh no” trend. The trend is simple — TikTok users are sharing footage of their “fails” set to the song “Oh No” by Capone. When the “fail” moment happens, the video freezes and zooms in on either the face of the fail-ee or the fail itself. In a video shared by breelynn14, a cat appears to be visiting her as she’s taking a bath, gently prattling about in a precarious spot. It, predictably, goes wrong: the cat slips and throws its paws maniacally in the air. that’s when the chorus hits and the camera zooms in on its shocked face. In another video shared by mariaaangeless, a young girl wipes out on roller skates. Her face is priceless. “I’m just scrolling through this sound watching people die,” one TikTok user commented. Thankfully, everyone in these videos are OK — maybe better than OK, even, because now they have tons of TikTok clout