Is TikTok's Red Nail Theory the Secret to Attracting a Partner?

Is TikTok's Red Nail Theory the Secret to Attracting a Partner?

When faced with all the nail polish bottles or swatches at the nail salon, most of us make our choices based on our favorite color, preferred neutral shade or with an upcoming holiday in mind.

However, a new TikTok trend has many manicure lovers going straight for a bold, yet classic color: red.

While red nails definitely aren't out of the ordinary or anything new, the reasoning behind the choice has gone viral as the "Red Nail Theory," with thousands of women on the app painting their nails the bright hue.

What exactly is the theory behind this color choice? It turns out, there are a few different theories that have all come together.

The first, the most Freudian of the bunch, proposes that the color reminds men of the women who raised them.

TikTok creator and social media expert @GirlBossTown was one of the first to mention this theory when commenting on the fact she seemed to draw more male attention when sporting red nails.

"In the '90s when we were growing up, women had red nails a lot—especially our moms. And I weirdly think guys are attracted to red nails because it reminds them of their moms," she stated.

However, others believe it may have more to do with the emotions we've assigned to the color.

"Red is the color of passion, romance and sensuality, so I'm not at all surprised about the link between people finding love with a red nail," says Charlotte Knight, founder of Ciate London and Lottie London.

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Ciate London, Plant Pots Polish in shade Snatched, $9.60,

Since ancient times, red has been associated with sex and fertility, so it comes as no surprise that the color could stir up a flirty mood.

In fact, a study published in 2008 states the color red in general makes men feel more attracted to women, almost like a visual aphrodisiac.

More importantly, choosing a bold color may make you feel more powerful and even increase your self-confidence during a night out.

If you like the color, we suggest you go for it, regardless of its power to attract others.