TikTok's 'slap a teacher' challenge sets schools on edge

TikTokers have officially gone rogue in the "slap a teacher" challenge. The new trend got viral traction in October when students began smacking their teachers and school staff on the backside as a prank. A teacher, @2kute4wordz, responded to a video of a student smacking her band teacher in the head from behind. "what TikTok is not explaining to you is that the adults in your building grew up on 'Knuck If You Buck,' Lil Boosie and all of a Lil Jon" . "The only thing professional about us is these little outfits we wear all day," the teacher joked. "I just want to remind my students why I got the nickname 'John Cena' two years ago. Just remember that. I am not afraid," teacher @mrstewes said in a TikTok. Meanwhile, a South Carolina school district warned parents about the challenge following an incident. “Sadly, we actually had an elementary student assault a teacher by striking her in the back of the head”

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