Tim Cook makes his most un-Jobs-like move yet and acts graciously toward Microsoft

Brad Reed
Apple will be live streaming its reveal of the iPhone 6 on September 9th

Apple CEO Tim Cook may not be a charismatic visionary like legendary Apple cofounder Steve Jobs but he definitely seems to have a lot more social graces. Per 9to5Mac, Cook sent out a message on his Twitter account welcoming both Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and the just-released Office for iPad to Apple’s App Store. It’s a little hard to imagine Steve Jobs offering a similar public welcome to a Microsoft product, although 9to5Mac points out that Jobs did frequently have nice things to say about Office on Macs. Even so, Jobs was known much more for his public ridicule of Microsoft products than his praise, as he once famously said the company had “no taste” and also compared using Windows to being trapped in hell.

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