Tim Curry and the Wisconsin Democrats to host Rocky Horror Show fundraiser

Sam Barsanti
·1 min read
Tim Curry in Fox’s Rocky Horror Show Live
Tim Curry in Fox’s Rocky Horror Show Live

If this election doesn’t go well and democracy is outlawed in November, the Democratic Party Of Wisconsin will at least have a future in organizing high-profile fundraisers and big-name reunions. Just a day before the Superbad cast is set to get back together to raise money for left-leaning cheeseheads, the Wisconsin Democrats have announced that they’ll be hosting a livestreamed performance of Rocky Horror Show to raise money for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Rocky Horror Picture Show star Tim Curry will be involved in some capacity (a press release gives him top billing, for whatever that’s worth), and he’ll joined by Wilmer Valderrama, Lance Bass, Rosar

io Dawson, Jason George, Nell Campbell, Seth Green, Jason Alexander, and David Arquette, with musical performances from The Dresden Dolls, Josh Gad, Rachel Bloom, and more. No sign of Meat Loaf, who was also in the movie version, but obviously we would never try to judge someone’s political beliefs solely on whether or not they’re involved in a fundraising event. (Just kidding, he’s absolutely a Trumper.)

The Rocky Horror Show Halloween Livestream event will be held on Halloween, of course, and you’ll have to put some money up in order to see it. The suggested donation is $31, but Biden still might beat Trump if you only donate $1. Maybe. Better safe than sorry, though.