Tim Hortons drops Beyond Meat but KFC signs on

If you're a Beyond Meat investor you better be prepared to stomach wild swings in the stock.

Shares of the plant-based meat company were volatile Wednesday as one restaurant chain dropped the meat alternative from its menu and another one added it.

Beyond Meat on Wednesday announced next month it will start supplying plant-based fried chicken to several KFC locations in two U.S. states: Tennessee and North Carolina.

While other restaurant chains have been testing out fake-meat alternatives to beef and pork, KFC is the first to put plant-based chicken on its menu. The new item resembles a chicken nugget.

There is potential for growth. KFC has more than 23,000 restaurants in more than 140 countries.

But as one restaurant chain giveth, another taketh away.

Tim Hortons announced it has removed all remaining Beyond Meat products from menus across Canada after initiating a scale-down in September.

The fast-food restaurant chain said it had rolled out the meat-alternative as a limited offer and did not see the kind of consumer demand it had expected and so decided to pull it. It may, however, put plant-based meats on the menu once again in the future.

Demand for alternative meat has soared - stretching providers Beyond Meat and rival Impossible Foods to the limit - as restaurant chains like McDonald's, Burger King and Dunkin' Brands try to respond to the trend.

Shares of Beyond Meat are up nearly 400 percent since their 2019 IPO.

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