That Time Donald Trump’s Niece Predicted Ivanka Would ‘Flip’ for Investigators: ‘It’s Going to Be Fascinating’

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Donald Trump’s niece knew long ago why his daughter Ivanka would eventually betray the former president by turning against him and The Big Lie.

Mary Trump also knew the how — to officials investigating one or more of his many misdeeds.

What Mary Trump didn’t predict when she said Donald Trump’s children would “flip” so officials could “go after a bigger target” was the when and the where — for a Jan. 6 congressional panel that presented Ivanka’s testimony Thursday night to 20 million primetime TV viewers.

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“Donald would never imagine in a million years that his children would do that,” Mary Trump said in June 2021, during an interview with CNN. “Although I’m fairly sure they would. So if that indeed happens, it’s going to be fascinating. Because he would never do anything to protect them if it were at his expense.”

At the time, the troubled waters for Trump included a criminal investigation of the Trump Organization by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which has seemingly since been all but wrapped up after indictments were brought against the company and former CFO Allen Weisselberg. Though new DA Alvin Bragg insisted in April that “the investigation continues,” Weisselberg’s trial is expected to take place in the fall.

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Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, both worked for the company and presumably still do. Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner were of course senior advisers to the former president throughout his administration. Kushner testimony was also presented in Thursday’s congressional hearing.

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“What’s good for him has always been his only calculus,” Mary Trump said of Donald Trump in the CNN interview. “Really, that’s the only calculation he makes ever.”

In other comments, Mary Trump said that faced with the opportunity to help shield his children from potential trouble with the law, her uncle would sit idly by and do nothing.

“Would he take one for his kids?” CNN show host Chris Cuomo asked.

“No, he wouldn’t,” replied Mary Trump, the author of the tell-all Donald Trump biography published in 2020 that delivered a scathing portrait of the then-president. “I think if that were to happen, if prosecutors were to go after his children, he would fully expect them to take a hit for him, to benefit him.

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“What he probably doesn’t understand is that’s not really how it works,” continued Trump, who has also sued her uncle and his siblings for denying her a stake in the family real-estate business. “You know, they always try to get people to flip so they can go after the bigger target.”

Mary Trump stressed that she had known Donald Trump her “whole life.”

“And unfortunately, I’ve had to analyze him pretty closely over the last four or five years,” she said in the 2021 interview. “This is somebody who’s never changed. He doesn’t evolve. And as you said earlier, he has one thing he cares about, and that’s himself. That will never, ever change, no matter who gets in his way, no matter who gets hurt, even if it’s his kids.”