Time for Pete Buttigieg to Quit

Mitchell Blatt

Bernie Sanders’ big victory in the Nevada caucuses has moderate Democrats to panic. That was no close race he eked out, no fractional delegate decided by a coin toss. It is, with 88 percent reported, a 26-point drubbing (approximately the size of Pete Buttigieg’s 2010 state treasury defeat) over runner-up Joe Biden.

Naturally, moderate Democrats who think that a self-proclaimed “socialist” could never win (and who oppose his positions in the first place) are pointing out their great concern and calling for concerned people to get together to stop him.

Noted anti-Trump conservative Max Boot tweeted an anonymous appeal from Third Way calling on the moderate Democrats to “stand up to Bernie or you — and we — all lose.” It reads almost like an abridged version of the National Review’s #AgainstTrump project, with a list of offenses bullet-pointed under various headlines.

Lindy Li, the Biden delegate who resigned from a local Democratic group after Bernie bros attacked her for posting an excerpted video of Bernie’s remarks in Moscow in 1988, tweeted, “Moderate Dems need to consolidate ASAP … Biden, Bloomberg, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg need to figure it out immediately.”

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