'Time Stops' - Diver Shares Gentle Interaction With Seal

A diver who has spent two decades interacting with seals in the waters off the northeast coast of England shared footage of a moment of “tranquility” under the waves after running into a seal he’d “never met” before.

Ben Burville, a scuba diver who works as a doctor in the coastal town of Amble, Northumberland, by day, has built up a rapport with seals in the area, regularly sharing footage of his interactions with them.

In three minutes of blissful footage shared across two tweets on September 25, Burville and the seal are seen gently interacting with some playful bites from the seal accompanied by a tickle under the chin by Burville and the seal using its paws to check out Burville’s hand.

In “over 20” years diving in the waters, Burville said he “never met this seal before yesterday”. Using the hashtag #TimeStops, he added, “I am truly grateful for what I have in life. I know that I am incredibly fortunate. My family, my friends, good health and the opportunity to share moments like this.” Credit: Ben Burville via Storyful

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