Time Out zooms in on the top 50 coolest neighborhoods in the world

Lisbon, Portugal

International city guide Time Out has released its picks of the 50 coolest neighborhoods to visit right now, a list that zeroes in on the most dynamic districts of the moment in mega metropolises like New York, Paris, London and Hong Kong. 

In the top spot is the multicultural parish of Arroios in Lisbon, described as a "dynamic, intercultural hub" for young artists and different ethnic groups. In recent years, Portugal has seen a surge in tourism activity, experiencing growth for eight consecutive years in a row. Lisbon's Arroios neighborhood is popular for its open-air galleries, multicultural dining scene, and cultural centers. 

The list stems from the Time Out Index 2019 survey, which polled 27,000 respondents in major cities around the world on the most overrated and undervalued neighborhoods in their hometowns.  

The suggestions were then whittled down by Time Out editors and contributing writers who were tasked with identifying the buzziest neighborhoods in their city. 

Neighborhoods were selected based on criteria such as affordability, art, culture, food and drink scenes, new venue openings. 

Most importantly, neighborhoods had to be considered a destination "whose star is on the rise." 

Strasbourg Saint-Denis in Paris is called the center of Parisian cool, mostly for its food and bar scene and lively nightlife, and for remaining largely impervious (for now) to the effects of gentrification. 

New York's Astoria is described as "the most diverse spot in the city with great food, great artists, great people and so much culture to immerse yourself in," while Historic Filipinotown, or HiFi, in Los Angeles feels "refreshingly honest" in an increasingly "over-funded and monotonous" landscape. 

If you're headed to London, Peckham is the place to be for a "down-to-earth," friendly and unpretentious vibe. 

Meanwhile, Tokyo's Shimokitazawa is called the Brooklyn of Tokyo, for its young eclecticism, while Singapore's Tanjong Pagar manages to maintain its old-world charm with its 19th century shophouses and hawker stalls, while attracting young locals with its underground nightlife scene. 

For the full list, visit https://www.timeout.com/coolest-neighbourhoods-in-the-world.