Timeline of back-to-back Bay Area storms

HERE COMES MORE RAIN! New storm system is expected to bring two waves of steady showers, starting Thursday night.

Video Transcript

MIKE NICCO: I'm ABC 7 News meteorologist Mike Nicco. Wanted to give you an update on our wet weather. Hard to believe it's coming in tomorrow after such a gorgeous day full of sunshine today. We have two waves of steadier rain. They're both 1, light on the storm impact scale. Some scattered showers possible also. Slightly breezy and slippery, but not expecting any damage from the breezes and the slippery conditions.

Well, you can see they start developing in the North Bay around 10:00 tomorrow evening and then slide south. But also notice that shield becomes a little less widespread and the green becomes a little less intense. And that means we're going to see the coverage shrink and the intensity of the rain shrink.

But all of us should be wet and driving on wet roads for the Friday morning commute. Once we get to Friday afternoon, a little late sunshine. So if you're heading out Friday evening, no worries about rain, just the chill in the air.

And then here's our next system. Look out considerably less the rainfall is. And then you go from the high resolution to the medium resolution models. You can see there's quite a difference. And that's why we always want to get in with those high resolution models. But by Saturday afternoon, we're looking at sunshine and warmer weather.

Rain is going to be anywhere from less than a tenth of an inch in our shadowed areas of the East Bay, the South Bay, and the Peninsula. Up to a quarter of an inch in the North Bay. My concerns other than Friday's morning commute and slippery conditions, there really aren't any. So some much needed rain without any severe weather side effects.