Timeline: Seven decades of Communist China

Timeline: Seven decades of Communist China

1949 - Mao Zedong proclaims the People's Republic of China in Beijing

1950 - China supports North Korea in the Korean War ... At least 100,000 Chinese "volunteers" die

1958 - Mao launches his "Great Leap Forward" ... by increasing industry and agriculture through collectivisation

1961 - The plan collapses and brings widespread famine ... An estimated 30 million people die

1976 - Mao dies, paving the way for Deng Xiaoping to take charge

1979 - The U.S. and China re-establish diplomatic relations

1989 - Pro-democracy protests errupt on Tiananmen Square ... An army crackdown kills hundreds, if not more

1997 - British colony Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule

2001 - China joins the WTO, heralding its rise as a global manufacturing powerhouse

2008 - The Olympic Games open in Beijing

2012 - Xi Jinping becomes head of the Communist Party ... and president the next year

2018 - China lifts presidential term limits ... meaning Xi can remain president until he dies

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