Times Square Painted Lady Busted For Offering Oral Sex to Cop

The "desnudas" of Times Square are back in the news again after one painted lady was arrested for offering oral sex to an undercover cop.

Well, this is certainly more fuel for New York Mayor Bill De Blasio's crusade against the topless, painted ladies who have become a thing in Times Square where they take photos with tourists for tips.

According to the New York Post, one of those so-called "desnudas" was arrested on Wednesday along with her male "handler" for making a deal with an undercover cop to sell him Molly, cocaine and some oral sex from painted street performer Destiny Romero, 20.

Jason Perez, 23, was charged with promoting prostitution, sale of a controlled substance and marijuana possession, while Romero was charged with possession and prostitution after the pair met the undercover cop at the nearby Lexington Hotel after midnight.

The Daily News interviewed Romero for a story about the desnudas back in August. At the time she called de Blasio an "Indian giver," and said that his campaign to remove the nearly nude women from NYC's streets despite city law allowing women to be topless in public was "a whole bunch of hateration."

Gothamist reached out to another desnuda, who described Romero and "her boyfriend" as loners who weren't really part of the "team," but were instead always hanging off to the side.

"I hope people are intelligent enough to understand that we're not all like that," she told the website.

The Daily News has written about the uglier side of the desnudas, who it reported often give a cut of their tips to "shady men," while the Post ran a story over the weekend where one of its reporters actually went topless for a day as a desnuda to show they're really not bad at all.

Either way, whether you're on team #boobs or team #noboobs, de Blasio has stepped up the NYPD presence in Times Square, and it's starting to show.

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