Timmy Hung forgives Chester Lim

Timmy Hung forgives Chester Lim

2 Apr – Chester Lim's apology for crashing Timmy Hung's wedding to Janet Chow last week was well received and has now been forgiven, according to the Daily Chilli website.

Several days after Timmy's marriage to Janet Chow in Hong Kong, he lashed out at Chester for spilling drinks on the bride's wedding dress and also used his wedding as means to meet new girls.

Chester along with his mother, former Hong Kong beauty queen Ellen Wong, was quick to respond to the report by approaching Timmy for an apology.

The eldest son of Sammo Hung, Timmy, said in a phone interview that the issue was easily resolved due to the fact that his stepmother Joyce Godenzi and Ellen are friends and alumnus of the Miss Hong Kong pageant.

"Ellen talked to Joyce and later my dad talked to me. So I promised them not to bring it up again. Last night, Ellen and her son called me to apologise. Chester also admitted that he was merely being playful that night.

"No one is perfect. So I accept the apology," he concluded.