Tinder joins Facebook, Google, with upcoming lite app offering

The dating app Tinder is also accused of sharing user data with at least 45 companies owned by the Match Group, which operates a dating website of the same name.

Tinder-owner Match Group announced during an earnings call late last week that the company is going to be launching a lite version of the mobile dating application "soon."

Following in the footsteps of major tech companies like Facebook and Google which offer ‘lite' versions of their full suite of applications, TechCrunch reported that Match Group's Tinder will be launching a lightweight version of the application that takes up less space and makes the service more accessible to rural areas.

Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg was noted saying "...We are excited about the Tinder Lite app that will be coming soon. It's a big step forward addressing the needs of consumers [in Southeast Asia]. Tinder Lite will be a smaller app to download. It will take less space on your phone, making Tinder more effective, even in more remote areas or regions."

Tinder has a particularly strong presence in India where internet penetration is on the rise and access to mobile data still comes at a premium price tag.

Because of the shrinkage of the application size, heavyweight features will likely be omitted from Tinder Lite, though Ginsberg did not reveal exactly how it would look compared to the full version. Most likely, this will include nixing event-specific modes like the newly launched Spring Break and Festival Modes.

In terms of launch times, Ginsberg only confirmed that it will be "coming soon."