Tinley Park Library Introduces Free Live Tutoring With Brainfuse

TINLEY PARK, IL — The Tinley Park Public Library is offering live tutoring through Brainfuse, a virtual tutoring whiteboard... and it is free if you have a library card, according to the Tinley Park Public Library.

The library recently included this new feature amid the COVID-19 pandemic with the hope of helping families this fall. Brainfuse is offered to those with a library card, and features live tutoring from 2-11 p.m.

According to the library, Brainfuse is divided into two services, HelpNow and JobNow. HelpNow provides students with live, interactive tutoring via a virtual whiteboard.

According to the library, Karen Legreid, a former award-winning elementary school teacher of 16 years, was excited about the use of Brianfuse after being asked to privately tutor children.

"Naturally, they’re panicking, trying to juggle changing work and school schedules," Legreid said according to the library. "Even my teacher friends who are working twice as hard now to ensure rigorous and differentiated instruction are being asked to remain ‘on call’ much later due to parenting schedules."

After logging in to Brainfuse, Legreid was pleased with what she saw according to the release.

"There is actual live tutoring available from 2-11 pm for all grades! In addition, patrons have access to Skill Builder, a section where there are explanations for key concepts along with short exercises for practice" Legreid said according to the release. "In seeing this section, it reminded me of when parents would share that it has been a while since they’ve been in school and are a bit rusty with concepts. This particular section is perfect for just that situation! Bravo Tinley Park Public Library! I’m grateful to be part of this village!"

In addition to Brainfuse, the library is also offering a variety of resources to help remotely such as:

  1. Consumer Reports

  2. Scholastic Teachables

  3. Lynda.com

  4. CultureGrams

  5. Gale Legal Forms

  6. Kanopy/Kanopy Kids

  7. Mango Languages

  8. Hoopla

  9. Libby/OverDrive

The Library has also put out a promotional video amid the pandemic that can be seen below.

For more information, visit The Tinley Park Library Website or call 708.532.0160. The library is located at 7851 Timber Drive, Tinley Park, IL 60477.

This article originally appeared on the Tinley Park Patch