Tinley Residents Have Mixed Reaction On Face Covering Requirement

Tim Moran

TINLEY PARK, IL — Strong opinions have been expressed by residents of Tinley Park and others on a recently passed resolution requiring residents and visitors to wear a face covering while in public amid the coronavirus crisis. Comments made on the Tinley Park Patch Facebook page have been largely in favor of the village board's decision while nearly all comments posted on the Tinley Park Patch article were largely against it.

"It's a safety measure to keep people safe," one Facebook follower said.

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But "civil liberties" came up from a number who shared why they are against the face covering requirement, which comes with several exceptions. READ MORE: Tinley Park Requires Face Coverings Amid Coronavirus Crisis

"Make a suggestion to wear masks for public safety you have my support," one said. "Tell me you will possibly arrest me if I don't comply that is disturbing. This is not a communist country."

"I will no longer shop in Tinley then," another said. "Civil liberty matters. You're reaching too far."

One who disagrees with that statement said "masking up is the least of the civil liberties you'all need to worry about. It's a common sense prevention technique."

"Better to be safe then sorry," said another. "If your (sic) unhappy about this then perhaps shop in (an) area that does not care about human life."


"The potentially high volume of asymptomatic people makes this an easy decision. A temporary inconvenience may save the lives of your fellow citizens. Masks are for protecting other people."

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This article originally appeared on the Tinley Park Patch