Tiny dog rescues girl from attempted abduction

Jennifer Jones says her 4-year-old rat terrier mix saved her daughter from being abducted.

Jennifer Jones’ daughter was walking the family dog before school in suburban Atlanta on Thursday morning when a strange man allegedly got out of a white pickup truck and grabbed the little girl’s wrist. That’s when, police say, the tiny rat terrier mix sprang into action.

“The victim’s dog bit at his ankle causing him to release her,” Cobb County Police Sgt. Dana Pierce told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It was at that moment that the victim was able to get away from him.”

Despite being understandably shaken by the encounter, the girl was able to describe the man who tried to abduct her to a Georgia Bureau of Investigations forensic artist, who made a sketch. Jones’ neighbors pointed out that their close proximity to the school made it extremely important that the man was caught.

There’s always children going up and down this street without parents or anything, and it’s really scary that it’s happening like that, neighbor Rebecca Walker told Atlanta's WSB-TV.

Police are still on the lookout for the suspected would-be abductor, but thanks to the dog, Jones’ daughter is safe at home.

“My hero,” Jones said. “My daughter’s hero.”