This tiny gadget will help you charge your smartphone twice as fast

This tiny gadget will help you charge your smartphone twice as fast
Chris Smith

PLX Devices’ Legion Meter is a tiny USB dongle currently raising money on Kickstarter that will help you charge your iPhone or Android smartphone up to twice as fast. With 27 days to go, the project has already surpassed its $10,000 goal, reaching almost $210,000 in pledges, which means that Legion Meter has already been funded.

In addition to “safely accelerating your smartphone/tablet’s charging speed up to 92%,” the Legion Meter also features a built-in multimeter that shows various details about the device on an OLED display, including voltage, current power and milliwatt hours.

“The charge accelerator circuit has two modes of operation,” the company explains. “Apple mode and Android mode. The user selectable mode dynamically converts any USB port to optimize the charge speed by signaling your mobile device to safely draw the maximum amount of charge possible. The PLX Charge Accelerator circuit is patent pending.”

The cheapest Legion Meter that can be purchased via Kickstarter right now costs $49, (Early Bird devices sold for $39), and they should ship by October 2014. PLX Devices has funded two other projects via Kickstarter, including the Legion external battery and Luxor flashlight.

To charge your iPhone and Android devices as quickly as possible, whether Legion Meter is involved or not, also check out these handy tips.

The video below further explains how Legion Meter works.

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