Tip Of The Day: Watermelons

Tony Tantillo has your tips for buying fresh, juicy watermelons.

Video Transcript

- Talk food and juicy watermelons, the perfect way to kick off summer, whether sliced on its own, or paired with feta, as part of a salad, you can't go wrong. Here's CBS2's Tony Tantillo with your tip of the day.

TONY TANTILLO: Well, look at this. I'm going to give you a tip on watermelons, but this one right here, I kind of want to bite it, because it smells so good, and the hardest thing to do is walk away from a smell of summer. But let's do a tip on watermelons. When you buy watermelons, your seedless watermelons on the market-- and right now they're all over, and the prices are great-- you want to make sure that they're nice and heavy for their size. That means they've got a thinner rind and a lot of great watermelon inside.

Where it's been picked is usually the bottom, that's where it sits. You want to make sure that's yellow and not white. If it's white, it's not that sweet in there. And once watermelons get picked, they don't get any sweeter, they just get riper. That's a natural occurring process in fruits and vegetables.

When you bring them home, on the counter, never, ever in a refrigerator, but, of course, the used portion you want to put in the refrigerator, otherwise you're going to have watermelon juice, not watermelon. So there you go, watermelon, in the market, great pricing great everything. And once I say goodbye, I'mma eat this watermelon. I'm Tony Tantillo, your fresh grocer. Always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. Bye.