Tips For Proper Passenger Etiquette From A Flight Attendant

In recent months, airplane flights have become filled with arguments, brawls and unruly behavior. And the disagreements aren’t just between passengers – flight attendants often find themselves on the receiving end of the anger and chaos. Paris, an active flight attendant, says there are some basic rules passengers should abide by when up in the air. Learn about the dos and don’ts of flying etiquette in the video above. On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Flightmares,” hear from passengers who recorded chaos and drama on their flights – and see the videos. Plus, passengers who say they were both kicked off their flights – but claim it was because of the flight attendant’s "abuse of power" and not their behavior -- share their stories. Check local listings to see where you can watch. WATCH: Man Claims Family Was Kicked Off Flight Because Flight Attendant Didn’t Like Comment Wife Made To Him TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Ask Dr. Phil!

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