Tips For Quaran-Cleaning

Pittsburgh Today Live's Mikey Hood talks with personal organizer Vicki Dellaquila, the founder of Organization Rules Inc., for some tips on how to declutter and quaran-clean your home!

Video Transcript

DAVID HIGHFIELD: All right, first, Heather, do you remember when I helped you clean out your minivan last year?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: How could I forget? I do. And it really could use it again.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: OK, well, we'll see how that works out. But it turns out many people are letting clutter pile up these days in our cars, in our homes. But as Mikey Hood shows us, it's time to quaran-clean and get rid of the junk we no longer need. Stuff that's kind of weighing us down.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Mikey talked with a professional organizer to help get us started.

VICKI DELLAQUILA: I think a lot of it goes back to it's the stuff of your life, it's memories. And that is so hard to let go of.

MIKEY HOOD: Vicki Dellaquila, a certified professional organizer, says people this year have really started to think about how to simplify their lives. Since the pandemic started back in March, do you feel like people have acquired more stuff? Or have they let some things go? I know a lot of people have been ordering things online.

VICKI DELLAQUILA: Yeah. Well, I would say both because a lot of people once the pandemic started, they were like, hey, you know, maybe I need to repurpose my house a little bit because I'm working from home and I didn't have a home office space dedicated.

MIKEY HOOD: And that means new office furniture and decor. But for many, the pandemic has been the perfect time to ditch old junk. So how about some tips to help us all organize better because a lot of people, including myself, we don't even know where to start.

VICKI DELLAQUILA: So first of all, you have to make time in your schedule. I always say to people, get your calendar and make an appointment, just like you would a doctor's appointment. Make an appointment with yourself. Friday, 9:00 AM to 11:00, I'm going to work in my bedroom doing some de-cluttering, which is always first. Zoning, which is where that thing will live, and then organizing. Organizing is last. People always think it's first. It's last. It's always last.

MIKEY HOOD: Start in one corner of a room, and work your way around. You should go through things and ask yourself, is an item really worth real estate space in your home? And is organizing something that you should do, like, every day so that you don't get overwhelmed? I guess I think that's probably where I get-- where I fall short.

VICKI DELLAQUILA: You need to do a little bit each day. When you take something out and use it, put it back. When you come in, put your keys in a certain place. Put your phone in a certain place. You don't take the time every day to put everything-- I always call it put your toys back where they belong.

MIKEY HOOD: And if de-cluttering your closet is intimidating, Vicki says go through and toss items that do not fit, you don't like, or are out of style. The cleanliness of your bedroom is a reflection of your life. Is there any truth to that?

VICKI DELLAQUILA: I think so because your bedroom, you need to get enough sleep in there. And sleep is important to your health.

MIKEY HOOD: And lack of sleep can negatively affect every aspect of your life. Organizing can really change things.

VICKI DELLAQUILA: You are going to feel lighter, you're going to feel less stressful, and you're going to have more time to make the space in your life to do the things you really want to do.

MIKEY HOOD: I'm Mikey Hood for PTL.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Are you inspired now?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I actually really am. I like that setting an appointment time--


HEATHER ABRAHAM: --to do something. I think that's important. And if you need help getting started, Vicki of Organization Rules will work with you one-on-one, safely in person or virtually if you want, to help you de-clutter and organize your space. You can look for a link to her information on