Tips to get your vehicle out of the snow if you get stuck

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) – As winter weather continues to hit the Midstate, if you are traveling on the roads, it’s important to be prepared in case your car gets stuck.

There’s a method known as CATS to help get your car prepared to get it out of the snow.


This step involves clearing away as much snow as possible from your tires. If you don’t have tools you can use your gloved hands to move the snow.

Car scrapers can do the trick.

It’s important to clear under the vehicle by the exhaust. If it’s blocked, poisonous gases can get into your vehicle.

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If you’re going to travel in any snowy conditions, it’s smart to have kitty litter packed up.

It can help add traction for your tires to grab onto. Sand is a substitute that can help melt some of that snow.

Floor mats in your car can be flipped over and laid down behind the tires to help grab some traction when you are ready to take off.

It’s important to know that your floor mat could get ruined by doing this so if you aren’t willing to risk it you can skip this step.


It’s important to have all-weather or winter tires when driving in the snow.

Another benefit could be letting some air out of the tires. You can do that by taking the valve stem cover off and using something as simple as a pen to release the air.

Taking air out will help those tires get moving on the floor mats you laid behind them earlier.


Now before you can attempt to drive out of the snow, you want to make sure that your steering wheel is completely straight and your tires are facing forward and aren’t sideways.

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