Tired of your glasses fogging up while wearing a mask during pandemic? Use these tips

TJ Macias
·2 min read

Those who wear glasses everyday have been perplexed by a dilemma: having to choose between their safety or their sight.

Many glass wearers are constantly plagued with foggy glasses when wearing a face mask while out and about in public during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a complex issue that has near and far sighted people worried. The problem stems from when breathing while wearing a face mask, the moist, hot air escapes through the top of the mask and immediately fogs up eyeglasses, suddenly impairing the person’s vision.

Luckily, there are some solutions that can help solve this problem:

Rubbing shaving cream on lenses

People who commonly wear glasses in cold areas swear by this little life hack. Simply apply the shaving cream to the lenses and then wipe off, according to Environmental Design+Construction Magazine.

Soapy water

Don’t have shaving cream immediately on hand? Try cleaning your lenses with soapy water and allowing them to air dry, according to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Be sure to dunk the glasses in the suds.

Anti-fog treatment wipes

These wipes help make your specs temporarily fog-free and often come cheap if you’re shopping online. Amazon sells different types for less than $20. Easy and affordable.


Maybe you don’t want to mess with your glasses and instead make sure your mask cannot let hot air escape from the top? You can do this by placing a Band-Aid over the top of your mask so the hot air only escapes from the bottom, per KNUE..com.

A raw potato

Yes, you read that right: a potato can help keep your glasses fog-free, according to WJBQ.com. You can rub the lenses with the inside of a raw potato and the starch will assist in reducing fog buildup.


We get that everyone in this coronavirus has been told to stay away from other’s bodily fluids in order to flatten the curve of the virus, but this requires YOUR own spit, as gross as it sounds. Spitting on your lenses and wiping them down with a cloth is known to cut down fog, KNUE..com reported. And while it does work well, you probably don’t want to keep spitting on your lenses – especially if you’re in public or within six-feet of someone else.