‘Tired of it;’ Honda worker shares frustration after shorted paycheck, says it isn’t the first time

Almost a week later hundreds of Honda workers are still waiting for all the money owed to them for their last paycheck from the company

The company has admitted that two different systematic failures took place during their switch to a new payroll processing company and bi-weekly checks.

“I think everyone’s just really tired of it, really, I mean we expect our checks to hit our accounts,” a Honda Marysville plant worker who wanted to remain anonymous told News Center 7′s Mike Campbell.

The worker said he had a check that was hundreds of dollars short a week ago.

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A few days later he received a promised lump sum payment to make up some of the difference but is still owed hundreds more.

“I think that’s where we’re all at, we’re all ready to see something done,” he said.

There are 16,000 Honda workers in Ohio, the company claims not everyone is impacted by the systematic failures.

Those with Heath Saving Accounts had hundreds of dollars of taxes incorrectly withheld, also some W-4s defaulted workers to the highest tax bracket, married filling single, which made their checks overwhelmingly short.

The company said they had taken several steps to correct the issues.

Such as issuing lump sum payments to help tide workers over as well as offering free interest loans for workers with problems paying bills.

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In an internal email obtained by News Center 7, Honda reassured workers that if the lump sum payment didn’t cover everything owed, the “associate will still be paid (the remaining money) once final reconciliation takes place.”

But the worker said he and some of his coworkers are skeptical of that and accepting loans from Honda.

“I think we’re done paying the company back. I think we just want to get what we’re owed this time,” the worker said.

He said there have been at least three issues with payroll in the last year.

The company’s leaders said they’re doing everything they can to smooth things out.

Most workers believe the real judge of that will be a week from Jan. 20, when their next checks are scheduled.

Friday afternoon a Honda spokesperson told News Center 7, “following the January 13 payroll issue, Honda’s top priority has been to take care of our associates, including taking efforts to ensure that no one is put in a short-term disadvantaged financial position due to this issue.”

“We understand impacted associates are frustrated with this situation and we are maintaining our focus on correcting the issues and supporting associates now and in the future,” the statement continued.