This Titanic superfan has 1560 copies of the film on VHS

 Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic

A Titanic superfan has collected a whopping 1,560 copies of the James Cameron film on VHS – and he has the lofty ambition of collecting one million copies.

The fan, who goes by JD (and titanicfan97 on TikTok) spoke to Variety about his epic collection, revealing that other fans around the world send him more mementos like a crocheted Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie) and even a piece from a deck chair onboard the real ship.

"In 2012, we picked up a few copies," JD told the publication. "The shop had them on display on the top shelf, so it looked glorious. And I'm like, 'I know no one's ever going to buy these.' They're super cheap, so we got a box and filled it with all the Titanics, and we slowly started collecting it for a few years. We had about 100 before I started making the TikTok, so it really was last year when we went from 100 to 1,560 or so. It kind of exploded on its own. I have no control at this point."

He added that his goal is 1,997 copies, to match the year the film was released, but he also hopes to get his hands on one million. "They made 25 million of them," he commented. "So at least a million copies… I think I can recover that many."

A quick glance at JD's TikTok reveals many, many clips celebrating the movie and showcasing the unique collection of merchandise. One video is a tour of JD's multiple Jack Dawsons, featuring the likes of Jack Smallson, Jack Legoson, Jack Yarnson, and our personal favorites, two Jack Dogsons.

Titanic recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and you can read our chat with director James Cameron on the movie through the link.

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