TN Dept. of Health trailer stolen in Fayette County

FAYETTE CO., Tenn. — They’re there to aid in crisis, but now, the Tennessee Department of Health is dealing with its own hard time after a trailer containing emergency material was stolen out of their parking lot.

Deputy Chief Ray Garcia says employees at the health department location on Yum Yum Road discovered the missing trailer when they came in to work at around 8 a.m. Wednesday.

“It’s shocking that it was taken from the health department there,” Garcia said.

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The trailer was full of supplies ready to go in case of an emergency.

“That trailer contained two propane heaters, a propane tank, some collapsible tents, fans, and miscellaneous medical supplies,” Garcia said. “The value of the trailer and the items inside totaled about $8,000.”

Garcia said the lock was also broken and found in the parking lot. While he says it’s shocking the trailer was taken straight from the health department parking lot, it’s unfortunately part of a bigger problem.

He says property crime is the biggest crime they fight in Fayette County, especially the theft of trailers like this.

“It’s a quick and easy turnaround as far as money goes. Someone could steal a trailer and turn around and sell it or pawn it off to someone else and get some quick cash,” Garcia said.

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According to the latest statistics we could find for Fayette County, the FBI listed 209 property crime cases in 2019. That’s nearly double the amount of other types of crime listed in the county for that year.

Investigators say in this case, the suspects left traveling northeast on Yum Yum Road.

“We are working every avenue that we can and working with surrounding agencies,” Garcia said. “Many times when we have trailers and property like this stolen, it involved some of our neighboring jurisdictions. So we’re working with them and sharing information back and forth to see what we can come up with.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the investigator from Fayette County Sheriff’s Office who is leading the case at 901-465-3456.

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