TNT letters: MLK Day coverage; political polarization; tightening mask mandates in school

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When I read Monday’s paper, I was dismayed and horrified to find almost nothing about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the significance of this national holiday. In my opinion, you trivialized the person and his cause with so little coverage. While you included a photo and brief description of Martin Luther King, Jr., I was expecting to find more information about this man’s life inside the paper. Nothing.

Dr. King is a pivotal figure in the history of America. Now, 54 years after his assassination, his quest for equality for all Americans, regardless of their color, remains a dream not yet protected by the right to vote.

Maybe next year include quotes from Dr. King’s letter written from the Birmingham jail. You could share writings of journalists reflecting on Dr. King’s life and the important on-going work of civic engagement he continues to inspire. Next month is Black History Month. Maybe you could do something honoring Dr. King and not wait until next year.

Sandy Bowman, University Place

Compassionate disagreement

RE: “Is our obsessive need for certainty destroying our nation?” (TNT, 1/13/2022)

Brian Broome’s recent column was refreshing. He is a devout liberal who “knows” that he is right but his gut tells him that those conservatives that disagree with him are not the complete fools that they seem to be. An equally devout conservative, I am convinced that the great majority of people on both sides are quality human beings with good motives and intentions. It is critically important that both sides become more devoted to knowing the truth than winning an argument.

As Broome pointed out, our media today is like a huge billows fanning the flames of any discussion into a raging fire. In the heat of battle one stops listening and hearing and is simply preparing his rebuttals in an effort to win. Sadly, both sides lose and we leave the battle having learned nothing.

Because politicians and both liberal and conservative media are manipulating us, it is our job to find more objective sources of information. We need to become hellbent on finding the truth and defending it. Organizations like the Common Ground Committee and “One America Movement“ are attempting to bring us together. Our future depends on our being the “United” States of America.

Vern D. McDonald, Lakewood

Mask mandate

My name is Aiden Paxton and I’m a Life Scout close to Eagle trying to complete my communication merit badge. I’m writing about my opinion on school mask mandates.

I really think we should tighten it down, especially in schools, because during my time at school this month I’ve noticed there are a lot of people who decide not to wear a mask in the building - and just walk around without a mask on. Some people constantly take their mask off and won’t wear it above their nose. Some people just don’t wear a mask at all, and blatantly ignore the rules. I think the mask mandate should be more strict.

Ayden Paxton, Lakewood

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