Tobacco Road Marathon returns in Cary park

Participants and supporters of the Tobacco Road Marathon rejoiced Saturday as the event got underway Saturday morning at Thomas Brooks Park.

Video Transcript

ANTHONY WILSON: They waited more than a year for this opportunity.


And when the 2021 Tobacco Road Marathon started in Cary's Thomas Brooks Park and they took off. So many that organizers staggered their start times people watching could tell--

MARK DILL: All of them are excited. I mean, runners were so disappointed last year when we couldn't have the event. I'd say most of them understood. But others were like, "No, let's just do it. We want to run." And that's just the way runners are.

ANTHONY WILSON: And ABC 11, as media sponsor, got the word out. Our cameras brought you live updates from the point where the marathon started and ended Saturday morning. Those runners, very happy to share the fresh air alongside others and not virtually on Zoom. They got out there enjoying the American Tobacco Trail after adjustments made--

MARK DILL: To conform to the governor and the health officials requirements for clusters of people, even outdoors. Of course, things are changing in real time, but you plan these events months in advance. And there really isn't any way we could do it differently. So we planned on having waves of 100, but what we found is people are just kind of drifting in.

ANTHONY WILSON: And some runners came with a sense of humor, like runner, Brian Rice, channeling Buzz Lightyear on Saturday. On Sunday, for the half marathon--

BRIAN RICE: I'll be Woody because he has a big hat and they kind of go together. And I usually run in costume, so I just picked these two.

ANTHONY WILSON: And while others made their way along the trail, Rice couldn't resist.

BRIAN RICE: To infinity and beyond.

ANTHONY WILSON: Disney is the parent company of Pixar and ABC 11. Anthony Wilson, ABC 11 Eyewitness News.