The TODAY family’s most memorable moments with their own families in 2022

When they aren't reporting on the news, the TODAY family is making memories at home.

And 2022 left plenty of souvenirs: anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and lots of nostalgic adventures.

Join Savannah, Hoda, Al and the rest of the TODAY family in a look back at their behind-the-scenes moments that made 2022 spectacular.

Savannah Guthrie celebrated with family all year long

Savannah Guthrie, co-anchor of TODAY and NBC News' chief legal correspondent, kicked off 2022 with a dedication to her mom Nancy on her 80th birthday.

"She’s lived a life of integrity and loyalty,” Savannah said in January during TODAY's Morning Boost. “She is a consistent doer of the right thing and the hard thing. She’s a truth teller, whether you really want to hear the truth or not. She’s quick and she’s smart, she’s well-read, she’s curious about everything."

In August, Savannah told that as a mother herself, she hopes to model Nancy's best traits.

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More celebrations came throughout the year, starting with Savannah's eighth wedding anniversary with husband Mike Feldman in March. Sharing then-and-now photos on Instagram, Savannah wrote, "How it started —> how it’s going…It’s going *beautiful* because you’re in it ... Happy Anniversary!"

The couple are parents of daughter Vale, 8, and son Charley, 6.

In honor of Vale's Aug. 13 birthday, Savannah posted a video of her daughter as an infant with a photo slideshow, writing, "Crushing it since 2014."

For Charley’s Dec. 8 birthday, his family celebrated with a large cookie cake. “This kid. My heart,” Savannah wrote on Instagram.

Hoda Kotb and her daughters went on ‘mini adventures’

Hoda Kotb, TODAY co-anchor and co-host of TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, did a whole bunch of traveling in 2022 with her daughters, Haley Joy, 5, and Hope Catherine, 3.

Hoda shares her daughters with ex-partner and “great dad” Joel Schiffman.

In March, Hoda brought her girls to New Orleans, a city that she loves and that she once called home. In July, Hoda and her daughters embarked on a boat trip and caught fish. (The girls accessorized their life jackets with mini captain hats.)

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"I was just thinking, summer is full of a lot of mini adventures,” Hoda told her co-host, Jenna Bush Hager. “Sometimes it’s just hanging around the sprinkler, and sometimes it’s doing something like that, that’s a 'wow.'"

Hoda and her daughters also took off for the weekend in September with Hoda's mom, Sameha, and her sister, Hala, at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

It was the first girls' trip of its kind for Hoda and her daughters, who lugged two car seats and other baggage, she explained on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

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Hoda turned to nice strangers when she needed help.

“I’m often a person who’s like, 'I got it. I got it. I got it.' You know what? Here’s my takeaway: ask for help,” she said. “Don’t sit there and think I’m going to be a martyr. I’m going to do it. I’m gonna lug them on my back. Why?”

“It takes a lot for me to ask for help,” Hoda added. “And I realized on this trip life is better when you ask for help and you realize how kind everybody is.”

Jenna Bush Hager shared her own childhood memories with her children

Jenna Bush Hager re-created special memories for her kids.

In September, the co-host of TODAY with Hoda & Jenna returned to the White House, where her father George W. Bush served as president from 2001 to 2009.

Jenna brought her husband, Henry Hager, and their daughters, Mila, 9, and Poppy Louise, 7. (Their 3-year-old son Hal was not photographed with the family that night.) Jenna's mother, former first lady Laura Bush, also accompanied the family.

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Jenna posted photos of the family at the White House, where Elton John performed a concert hosted by President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden. "A magical night we will never forget!" Jenna wrote on Instagram.

The Bush Hager children had an action-packed summer — Mila went to summer camp, Hal celebrated his third birthday, and Jenna shared that Poppy wondered whether her family might get any perks on Presidents Day.

“Poppy goes, ‘So, can we go on Air Force One?’ And we were like, ‘No,’” Jenna said.

The family also traveled to Maine over the summer and again in December. "I basically stepped into a Hallmark Christmas movie this weekend," Jenna told Hoda on Dec. 12.

Al Roker sent his son Nick off to college and became an empty nester

Al Roker’s son Nick graduated high school and went off to college this year.

The TODAY weatherman and co-host of the 3rd Hour of TODAY glowed about Nick’s achievement on Instagram.

“We are sooo proud of this young man,” Al wrote in June.

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Al shares Nick and daughter Leila, 24, with his wife, Deborah Roberts, an ABC News senior national affairs correspondent.

Al also has an 35-year-old daughter named Courtney with ex-wife Alice Bell.

Late last year, Al shared a video in which he and Roberts learned that Nick was accepted into two colleges. “Way to go, bud,” Al said in the video. “Congratulations!”

Then, in August 2022, the time came to say goodbye. “I guess this is happening,” Al wrote on Instagram. “Taking the last one to college.”

Although Al ended the year in a "tough slog" after being hospitalized for blood clots in his leg and lungs, he was reunited with his children in time for Christmas — and the entire TODAY cast and crew who surprised him at home, caroling in Santa hats.

"Words cannot express how much I love my @todayshow family for coming over to do a little caroling," Al wrote on Instagram, "including a special rendition of 'I’ll Be Home For #Christmas.'"

Dylan Dreyer’s children made leaps and bounds

The children of TODAY meteorologist and co-host of 3rd Hour of TODAY Dylan Dreyer and her husband, Brian Fichera, made big strides in 2022.

Their eldest son Cal, 6, learned to ride a bike.

“We’ve had quite the afternoon!!” Dylan wrote on Instagram, sharing a video of Cal pedaling across a lawn. “Summer vacation is almost over and Cal learned to ride his bike today! Training wheels are off…I’m so proud!!!”

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Middle son Oliver also reached his “golden birthday" (when a person’s age matches the day of their birth).

“1/2/22…and he’s turning 2!” Dylan captioned a January Instagram slideshow of her son. “Happy happy golden birthday to the sweetest little devil I’ve ever known! You make us legit laugh every day and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. Your stories and your hugs are the absolute best…we love you Ollie!!”

Rusty, 1, made a leap too, according to a November video in which Fichera waves a remote control as motivation for the toddler to step forward. Rusty, however, jumped toward it instead.

“Who says you have to walk before you leap??? Rusty doing things his way!” wrote Dylan.

Dylan had a special moment herself this year, celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary with Fichera in October.

Carson Daly shared a private struggle in order to help others

Carson Daly talked candidly about mental health, including his own diagnoses.

The TODAY co-host and host of NBC’s "The Voice" first opened up about his generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder in 2018, telling TODAY viewers that symptoms materialize whether he's on television or at the playground with his kids. "This is the way I'm hardwired," he explained.

In June of this year, Carson hosted an Instagram Live conversation with psychologist Alfiee Breland-Noble for TODAY’s Mind Matters series to "break the stigma of all things mental health."

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"You think my right hand is in my pocket just being casual because I’m on TV and my life looks so great," he remarked. "The truth is, in that moment, I was gripping the flesh of my upper right thigh because a wave of panic in that moment was coming through me, and I was so scared. I wanted to run off the stage because it’s one of the symptoms of panic. I can’t control my nervous system. Fight or flight kicks in. The threat (feels) real, but there’s nothing there. I have to just ride that wave on live TV."

Carson says he discusses mental health with the four children he shares with his wife, Siri Daly: Jackson, 13, Etta, 10, London, 8, and Goldie, 2.

"The key for me is to do it now, and do it often," Carson wrote in an essay for, adding, "All those thoughts that happen in your brain, that’s your mental health, and it’s equally as important as your physical health."

Sheinelle Jones found fun in unforeseen ways

Sheinelle Jones, co-host of the 3rd Hour of TODAY, didn't let road bumps ruin a good time.

In fact, Sheinelle had "one of the best Easters" — in a tow truck — with her husband Uche Ojeh and their children, Kayin, 13, and twins Clara and Uche, 10.

On the way to an Easter egg hunt, Sheinelle explained on air, she hit a pothole and damaged her tire.

"This is a story about how you lean in and take lemons and make lemonade," she said. "The kids had the best time in the tow truck — they're singing 'Hamilton' songs, 'In the Heights,' we stayed a hotel using my points. And then we just got back on the road."

Dancing is also how Sheinelle has fun, alone or with her children, especially over the holidays.

"My kids are happy and it’s what’s most important to me," said Sheinelle during the TODAY streaming special "Holidays in My House," adding, "There may be a pile of laundry in the corner, but I’m so happy that I wasn’t so worried about the laundry that I didn’t miss the moment in front of me."

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Craig Melvin marked important milestones

Craig Melvin's daughter, Sybil "Sibby" Ann, 6, and son, Delano, 8, grew so much in 2022!

"My daughter Sybil, she’s officially a reader," Craig, co-host of the 3rd Hour of TODAY, said on air in November, airing a home video of his daughter reading a book.

"Let me tell you — I mean, it was ... I almost got a little choked up,” he added. “Like, she’s a reader! She’s been trying so hard for so long.”

In August, Sibby and Delano, whom Craig shares with wife Lindsay Czarniak, entered kindergarten and third grade, respectively.

"You would be hard pressed to find anyone more excited about going to kindergarten than Sibby Melvin yesterday,” Craig said on TODAY in August. "She was ready."

"It was a bit more emotional at first than I thought it would be," he said — and Del was protective of his sibling. "When it was time for them to leave school, he stopped to make sure that his sister was with him, and they came out together."

Del also had his first Holy Communion in June.

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"What a special weekend," wrote Craig, posting Instagram photos. "We celebrated Del’s first communion, Sibby’s gymnastics recital, and my father in law Chet’s birthday. Was great having so much family and friends in town."

Willie Geist's daughter Lucie started driving

Willie Geist's daughter Lucie is on the move!

"She’s 15 and we went driving for the first time, and I remember looking at her, she’s got the seat belt on, and all of a sudden she’s in that seat and I’m in this seat," Willie, host of Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist, told Hoda in November. "And about five minutes ago, she was in the back seat in her car seat when we were bringing her home from the hospital.”

“I had to catch my breath for a minute, and then — she's OK, she’s responsible," he said.

Fortunately, Lucie's dad has superb driving skills — not that he's bragging!

“I try to stay humble, but I’m such a good parallel parker, it’s hard,” said Willie, adding, “I don’t even have to look, I feel like. I’m gonna drop it right in there. It’s a gift. It’s a blessing, and I try to stay humble about it.”

Willie also told the sweetest story about how he met his wife, Christina. The two share Lucie and son George, 13.

"For people who don’t know, I met my wife in the sixth grade,” he told Hoda on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna in April. “We went to high school together, we went to college together, but we were buddies first. And I think even today, all these years later, that’s the foundation of our relationship is that we were always friends."

Kristen Welker's daughter fell in love with Christmas

Kristen Welker's daughter Margot saw snow for the very first time!

"The excitement of seeing snow for the first time!" the co-anchor of Saturday TODAY wrote on Instagram in January. "What a beautiful start to 2022. Happy New Year everyone!"

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Welker and her husband, John Hughes, welcomed Margot in June 2021, using a surrogate. As Welker explained in an email to TODAY, their daughter was named for Kristen’s grandmother, Margaret, who modeled for Kristen and her mother how "to live a life she could only dream about!”

Welker said she loves sharing Christmas traditions with Margot. She said she loves experiencing Christmas through her daughter's eyes.

"Margot is fascinated by the Christmas tree," Welker said. "I can watch her eyes wide with wonder as she sees this new vision in front of her. Now, we get to actually share all of these amazing traditions with her."

Peter Alexander shared his blended holiday traditions

Peter Alexander, co-anchor of Saturday TODAY, grew up celebrating Hanukkah, while his wife Alison Starling celebrated Christmas. Their daughters, Ava, 9, and Emma, 7, get the best of both worlds.

"For me, Hanukkah, like all the Jewish holidays, was really about family," the NBC News chief White House correspondent said during the "Holidays in My House" special.

"I remember sitting around the Hanukkah Menorah as a kid and watching my mom and dad light the candles and all of us saying the blessing together," he recalled.

"The best part of celebrating the holidays as a dad now is just seeing the excitement in my girls' eyes," he added.

Peter Alexander on a visit to Seattle with his family. (Peter Alexander/Instagram)
Peter Alexander on a visit to Seattle with his family. (Peter Alexander/Instagram)

Alexander once told Parents that his mantra is: “Family comes first; the rest are details.”

“On the Sunday before school started, we told the girls we had a surprise for them," he told the outlet. "We made them wear blindfolds in the back of the car, which were actually their masks that were over their eyes. We went to the Clay Cafe, this little pottery place where you got to paint your own pottery. Then when they look at those colorful plates just out of the kiln, in their room, they’ll remember things that we did together.”

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