Today in History for May 1st

President George W. Bush announces major combat has ended in Iraq; U2 spy plane shot down over Soviet Union; Empire State Building dedicated. (May 1)

Video Transcript

ROSS SIMPSON: May 1st, 2003. Weeks after the US led invasion of Iraq and the fall of Saddam Hussein, President George W. Bush announces--

GEORGE W. BUSH: Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the Battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed.

ROSS SIMPSON: Bush speaks from the USS Abraham Lincoln after landing on the aircraft carrier in a Navy jet. But a Mission Accomplished banner displayed during his speech later becomes controversial, as US casualties in Iraq mount.

1960. During the Cold War the Soviet Union shoots down an American U2 spy plane over its territory. The Soviets captured the plane's pilot, Francis Gary Powers, holding him captive for nearly two years.

1931, the Empire State Building is dedicated in New York. For the next two decades the 102 story skyscraper is the world's tallest structure.



ROSS SIMPSON: Also in New York, Citizen Kane premieres. Orson Welles' first feature film remains an all time movie masterpiece. And 1967.

ELVIS PRESLEY: (SINGING) Love me tender.

ROSS SIMPSON: Rock and roll singer Elvis Presley marries Priscilla Beaulieu. They divorced six years later. Today in history, May 1st, Ross Simpson, the Associated Press.