Today in New Jersey: Cops Shut Down Wedding After 300 Guests Brawl

Today in New Jersey: Cops Shut Down Wedding After 300 Guests Brawl

Here's how to turn an immaculately planned dream wedding into a nightmare: Start a brawl that spills out into the street, requires multiple police departments to quell, and prematurely ends the reception.

A wedding at Jacques Reception Center in Middletown, New Jersey, erupted into chaos Sunday night, when about 300 people got involved in a massive, violent, and loud brawl that ended with two people arrested. Though the reception center boasts "the warmth and charm of old world Rome," the guests may have confused the setting for Sparta, dining more in hell than in celebration, as neighbors in the area told police they could hear the screaming from three blocks away.

"As officers from Middletown were attempting to gain control of the situation, approximately 300 people became involved in the altercation which consisted of fighting, yelling and screaming and people refusing to leave the area and returned inside to the reception," Middletown Police Department spokesman Steve Dollinger said in a statement

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In a report from local broadcaster News 12, police said they were greatly outnumbered by the wedding guests and had to disperse the brawl.

The two arrested were charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing the administration of the law. It took 45 minutes to clear out the facility, and the investigation into what caused the brawl is ongoing

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