‘Today is never going to be outdone’: Make-A-Wish puts on parade for California boy who loves law enforcement

Devin Wade stops and looks every time he hears sirens. He writes fake tickets and makes play arrests at home. He got quite the celebration this month.

Video Transcript

OLIVIA DEGENARO: Well, this has definitely been a celebration fit for a hero. And today's hero happens to be a 10-year-old boy named, Devin.

ALL: Devin, Devin, Devin, Devin.

OLIVIA DEGENARO: Every student at Hermann Limbach Elementary School lined the sidewalk holding signs to cheer on one of their classmates. Devin Wade has a genetic condition he's been battling since birth. He's certainly had difficult moments along his journey, but seeing law enforcement vehicles always brings a smile to his face.

- Any time he hear sirens, whatever he's doing at that moment stops, and whatever I'm doing has to stop, and we have to look out the window to see.


OLIVIA DEGENARO: And today, the Make A Wish Foundation brought the lights and sirens to Devin.

- So, what do you think about getting in with your dad into one of the special sheriff's cars? Do you want to ride in a parade with us?

- Yeah.

- What do you guys all think, should he ride in a parade with us?



OLIVIA DEGENARO: From the school parking lot and through the streets of South Sacramento, the parade brought Devin to the Cortland fire station where he got another big surprise.

- Your wish to have a cop uniform and a bike is coming true.


OLIVIA DEGENARO: His parents tell us Devin already patrols their home.

- I buy him fake handcuffs all the time, and literally he'll right-- I get him a little sticky note with pens, and he'll write us tickets and handcuffs and say we're arrested.

- I love it. [INAUDIBLE]

OLIVIA DEGENARO: But now he'll be able to put on his own uniform and take his own police motorcycle out on the streets of his neighborhood.

- Today's never going to be outdone. This is going to be the talk til the end of time.

- It's very emotional, and I'm so happy that this is happening for him, and it's not only going to be a day he'll never forget, but I'll never forget today as well.