'Today' Show Fans Rally Behind Hoda Kotb After She Shares Emotional Instagram

'Today' Show Fans Rally Behind Hoda Kotb After She Shares Emotional Instagram
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Hoda Kotb is celebrating her dear friend Karen Swensen.

As folks who watch the Today show know, Hoda has talked on air about how great of a friend Karen, a WWL-TV anchor, has been to her over their 27-year friendship. Likewise, Hoda is very supportive of Karen, which explains why recently the Today show cohost dedicated a special Instagram post to her.

On social media, Hoda gave a shoutout to her friend's lifestyle brand, Life’s About Change. Inspired after Karen's daughter, Catherine, and her late husband, John Ronquillo, who died of cancer in 2018, the line includes journals, mugs and candles with uplifting messages about accepting and navigating the different chapters in life.

“If you need some inspiration follow @lifesaboutchange,” Hoda wrote, calling out Karen's company. “My best friend took a big step yesterday ... she hates to talk about herself..but her company.. her movement.. is more important than that. I am so proud of her.”

The post's caption also included words from Karen herself explaining the reasoning behind her company's candles. In part, the caption read:

Why the candles? The night my husband was diagnosed with cancer, a dear friend, @drstephmoore, said to buy a candle that very night. A candle? Seemed like an odd “doctor’s order.” “The body will go where the mind takes it,” she said. The body will go where the mind takes it. Light the candle, she told him. Focus on the flame. That’s the power of the human spirit, will, determination, love. Harness that strength. Now, watch the wax drip away ...

In the original Instagram post, Karen penned more about her company's name. “Life’s about change, I’ve learned,” Karen wrote. “All kinds, good and bad — births, deaths, marriage, breakups, moves, storms, new jobs, new challenges. Change is a constant. Let hope, peace, healing, faith, courage and love be your constants.”

Hoda’s support for her friend and Karen’s vulnerability moved many fans to leave heartfelt comments of their own on Instagram. “Good for Karen, that’s a big step indeed! Her story is heartfelt & inspirational, and her strength & positive energy is much like yours, Hoda,” one person wrote. “Wow, wow, wow so powerful! Thank you for sharing your story,” another added. “Such a beautiful story,” a different fan said.

There's nothing better than friends being there for one another!

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