Today’s Wordle Game Left Players Devastated Over Guess With "Too Many Possibilities"

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

**Spoiler Alert: This article contains the answer to Wordle #243. Read on if you've tried guessing it or don't mind finding out.**

Wordle has taken the internet by storm and it's breaking hearts along the way.

On Thursday morning, players of the strategic word game woke up and tried their hardest to guess a new five-letter secret word in six tries. But in an unexpected twist of events, a ton of folks didn’t get it — and they didn’t keep this loss to themselves.

Despite a majority of participants having four out of the five letters correctly on the board, there turned out to be many variations of the Wordle #243 puzzle answer “shake.” After correctly guessing that the word looked like “S H A [?] E,” Wordle players guessed “shame," "share," "shape," "shade," and "shave" among other combinations. Unfortunately, lots of people ran out of tries and ended up with a score of “X/6.”

With that, some of the millions of Wordle players took to Twitter to share their disappointment over the “easy” word that had “too many possibilities.” In Wordle fashion, tweets included visuals of black, green and yellow squares showing how close they got. (For reference: Black squares mean the letter is not in the secret word. Yellow squares mean the letter is in the word but it’s not in the correct spot. Green squares mean the letter is in the word and it’s in the correct place.)

“This is the worst day of my whole life. DM for address to send consolation gifts,” another added. “It’s a sad day,” a different fan said. “This one hurt,” a follower commented.

Similar to trends in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, like baking banana bread and DIYing tie-dye loungewear, Wordle is the latest craze. Since Wordle’s creator Josh Wardle (yes, his last name inspired the game's name) released it to the masses in October 2021, it has quickly gained a loyal following. According to reports, in its first month it only had 90 players, in January there were more than 300,000 players and in February there are now millions. On January 31, The New York Times bought it for a price “in the low seven figures.” Wordle joins the newspaper’s roster of games, including Spelling Bee, Daily Crossword, Letter Boxed, Tiles and Vertex.

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