TODAY'S Forecast: The latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather team

Showers Sunday but then skies will clear during the week

Video Transcript

DARREN PECK: All right. It's cloudy out there to start this day. It's going to stay cloudy for most of today. We might even get a little bit of light rain today. Mainly just be in the North Bay. It's the rain that's coming tomorrow that's really the headline, so let's get into the details on the forecast.

Live view from the top of the Salesforce Tower looking off towards the East. You can see the Bay Bridge there and plenty of clouds. That's the scene from Treasure Island looking back at the city. Everybody's pretty much in the same place right now, temperature-wise. We're all right around 50.

You can see how widespread the gray is. And even when our mid-level marine layer clouds burn off, it'll be tough to tell, because they'll be replaced by the higher clouds that are on the leading edge of this storm, which is already out here, well-developed. If we take that rain and bring this forward in the future cast, the leading edge of the showers for the main event are not till tomorrow. However, we're likely going to see a little bit of light rain before we get to Sunday.

Like, here's today, late this morning. There's a few light showers moving across the North Bay. This won't amount to a whole lot, but I just don't want you to be too surprised if you do get a little bit of light rain today. From about the Golden Gate south, that's really not a very high likelihood, but in the North Bay, it is a pretty good possibility today.

Here's the main event. This is tomorrow morning, just a little before sunrise. Big band of widespread rain moves across the Bay Area. By 9 o'clock, it's coming across the Golden Gate in a Peninsula, the East Bay, it's in the South Bay by noon, and then it's pretty much done. So second half of Sunday, we should be finished.

There might be a few straggler showers that come through in the afternoon, but the bulk of the rain we're going to see on Sunday is coming from just before sunrise until the early afternoon, and then it's done. And when you look at the totals, we pick up about a quarter of an inch of rain for much of the South Bay, East Bay. We maybe get a little higher amounts for the North Bay when you factor in the light rain that we might see out of that today as well.

Speaking of today, here are today's daytime highs. Let's start out down in the South Bay. We're going to stay in the 60s all day. Today we're only going to 66 in Sunnyvale, Fremont goes to 65, San Mateo will hit 65. We'll top out in the mid 60s for the far inland East Bay. Numbers up North holding that same story. Low to mid 60s for most locations, and will top out in the low to mid 60s as we get up into Mendocino.

So what happens after this rain? Well, Sunday's really the highlight of the whole seven day forecast. Once we get past Sunday, showers clear out. And then we're right back off to the races again. We're going to be back into the mid-80s for daytime highs in a hurry. Maybe not Monday. Monday it's still relatively cool, but by Tuesday, we've already jumped up to 73. And by Wednesday and Thursday of next week, the mid 80s are already back.

Sunny and warm. We'll get right back into spring and all the grasses and pollen-producing flowers and plants. We'll have just gotten a nice watering, so they can keep allergy season going a little bit longer.

- You say that so nicely, and like you're so excited about it. But honestly, man. The allergies have been real.

DARREN PECK: Yes, and I say that as an allergy sufferer myself. The good news is the rain on Sunday is really going to wash a lot of it out. So we will get a short break. It's just, we're not out of this until we get to July, for most of us.

- Ew. All right, well, buckle your seat belt, everybody.