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Warming trend all next week with no rain in sight

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- --water, Darren. I can't imagine scuba diving in that, dry suit or no.

DARREN PECK: How about stepping out into that, at least for air temperatures right now? Because that's what we've got for some of the North Bay valleys. It's cold enough up in Lake County. There's a frost advisory this morning.

But it's not that way everywhere. It's actually relatively warm for most of us. You see the clouds there. That's the view from our camera on top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, looking off towards the North End.

Clouds here show us it'll be relatively warm if you're in the immediate Bay. But it's cold enough in the North Bay. There's actually an issue with some isolated fog for Santa Rosa. We're not looking at a frost advisory in Santa Rosa. But there is patchy fog up there. So keep that in mind if you're about to hit the road up in the North Bay on 101. It's 33 in Santa Rosa, so you probably should be included in the frost advisory.

Look where everybody else is, low to mid 40s. It's 37 in San Rafael, 36 in Napa. But the blue area up here, that's the frost advisory. It goes until 9 o'clock this morning. So basically, Lake County. Ukiah if you're up and watching along this morning, you're included in this as well. And Santa Rosa, we just saw, I mean, it's 33 there. So consider that a frost advisory even if it's not an official declaration from the National Weather Service just yet.

All right, as far as today goes, it's a few high clouds that will show up as we go through the middle of the day. You see them on here. They kind of drift around through the afternoon. That's Saturday. You probably won't even notice this. This is all I have. There's going to be a few high clouds.

Watch what happens for Sunday. We're going to take these clouds, clear them out of here tonight. Go to the wide view. Play this forward all day Sunday. Nothing happens. Here I had to go wide just to show you some motion so you could see this was actually on. We're going to look at nothing but blue sky on Sunday. It will be a real pretty day.

As far as today's daytime highs are concerned, we'll be right around 60 in the South Bay. Santa Clara goes to 60. We'll go to 59 in Redwood City. Numbers in the East Bay will come into the low and mid 60s. It'll be 59 in Dublin, 61 in Pittsburg. We'll top out at 58 in San Leandro. And we'll go up to 60 in San Rafael. Petaluma goes to 60. And we'll see the temperatures up here in the far north go up into the low 60s.

All right, big picture view. We've got a warm up coming our way. And we can forget about the hope of any rain for the next seven days, probably longer. If we look out on the wide view, watch the clouds out here. We've got a lot of energy here, a little over here, just nothing going on here.

In fact, by the time we get to late Sunday into Monday, look what the storms are all doing out there. They're doing that big arc, where everything's got to go up and over us. And you can see a big blocking ridge of high pressure that develops there by the end of this week.

But watch how it really evolves going into Wednesday. Now that's just ridiculous. So we can certainly forget about rain when the big ridge of high pressure is that exaggerated. And look what it does for our seven day forecast, particularly by the middle of the week.

We will be sunny and into the mid 70s. 75 by Wednesday. Low 60s today inland, upper 60s tomorrow. So Sunday of the two days will be noticeably warmer. I think to go from 62, which is kind of almost 60, to 68, which is kind of almost 70, from one day to the next, you can see which of the two days this weekend will be the better one to get outside, Emily.

- Darren, I think you and I had the same math teacher because I agree with you, almost 60.

DARREN PECK: Right. We're rounding to the nearest number there that gets you to the whole number. So I think that just really drives the point home. Both days are nice this weekend, but I think you're going to notice this more tomorrow.