TODAY'S Forecast: The latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather team

Sunny and warm for the next 7 days

Video Transcript

- --mentioned this at the top of the newscast. It's going to be a lot like yesterday was. There's your quick overview. We're going to the upper 70s if you are inland.

But if you look at the numbers Bay Area-wide, that's 78 is going to be matched in many locations, whether it's Concord or Livermore. We're going to keep the temperatures in the 50s at the beaches. Still just a little bit of an onshore flow going to help to keep things relatively cool today on the big picture, only because the wind is going to be kicking up just enough along the coastline to help with that.

And speaking of the wind, let me show you how this will play out. Watch the colors brighten up on the screen here. Right there, as we get into about the late afternoon, early evening, that is a lot less than what we've been doing.

For much of the second half of last week, the wind got so intense that it was being felt pretty much Bay Area-wide. But if you look at the Futurecast today, taking us into the afternoon and evening, you want to look for the brighter spots on here, the oranges and the reds. And that shows you where you would notice this.

And this is a more typical scenario. Here in the city and on the Peninsula, because you're on the front lines as those winds come in on the onshore flow, and then up through the delta where the wind then works its way out over into parts of Solano County. Fairfield is always one of the windiest spots.

But look at everybody else. It's much more manageable. So the wind won't be as bad. And as a result, we are all able to warm up a few degrees. If you are in inland Contra Costa or inland Alameda County, you did most of the warming yesterday. But if you're in the immediate Bay today, those numbers are about three or four degrees warmer than they were.

Still looking at the same system parked off the coast. Look at the spinning clouds out here. The Futurecast shows us there's rain, not only here, but also up here getting pulled up just to our north, with a big area of nothing happening for us. That pattern will hold for much of the next seven days, even though there is hope.

If we put this into the long-range forecast, as we get towards next weekend, enough energy finally takes that rain out there and tries to drive it towards us. There's even going to be reinforcements so that even when that first cutoff low disappears, there's going to be another one to come take its place. It's pretty unique to have a scenario like this where we see a continuation of an area of low pressure like that, almost for the entire month, stuck out off the coast.

It is a unique April in that regard. But in terms of the way it feels here at home, there's really nothing to write home about here. This is pretty typical for us this time of year. We're starting to change the pattern into more spring-like weather, almost early summer-like weather, in fact, with the strong onshore flow, the big differences in temperatures from one part of the Bay to the other.

I mean, it's going to be in the 50s at the coast. It'll be in the mid to upper 70s for daytime highs inland. And if you are in the Bay, we're going to split the difference and call it upper 60s to low 70s. No rain in our forecast. We'll take another look--