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Clear skies and temperatures in 60s and 70s

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DARREN PECK: Just a fascinating story, the ton of connections that we are learning more and more about as things change in the Arctic in terms of how it does alter the weather here at our latitude.

Let's talk about today. And look at the drop. From yesterday to today, that's the column that shows up there in the middle there in blue. How much cooler are we going to be for your part of the Bay Area today from yesterday? About 9 to 10 degrees for many of us. So it's a substantial change from yesterday to today thanks to a strong onshore flow that's starting to pick up.

It's going to get windy today. But we're not going to have the clouds from it. And that's one of the interesting aspects about this pattern right now. That live look from Treasure Island, looking back at the city. Here we are.

It's the first of all weekend of June. And you would expect to have some low clouds this time of year. But because of the way the pattern is lined up for now, we don't have the low clouds. However, we're still getting a strong onshore flow.

Here are your daytime highs now for everybody. It's just a few more spots on the map than the one I showed you a moment ago. But in general, all these numbers will be anywhere from 7 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Here's the main reason. Watch the wind right there. So as we get into the early evening, that's when that onshore flow really picks up. Purple is downright windy. So those are strong winds coming in from the northwest over the peninsula. That means it'll gust to near 40 out of SFO today. And in the city, it's going to be a windy day. Anywhere on the coast, it's going to be a windy day.

And then those onshore winds will run in through the gaps, like they always do, and through the delta, Altamont Pass. And along the shores of the Bay, it's going to be a noticeably windy day today.

And it's an interesting pattern that's responsible for this. We've had a fairly windy spring so far. It's about to stay kind of breezy too windy and cool for the next four to five days. And if we look in the Pacific, you can see the reason why.

Look at that area of low pressure coming into the Pacific Northwest. There's another one back here. They're lining up. We've got one there. We've got another one there. And the Pacific is now going to get amplified.

Look at the jet stream here. That's all the energy. It's going to take a big dive. And over the next few days, we get this beautiful trough sitting right off the coast of California. So that allows the weak systems to keep getting drawn our way. It also keeps it cool and breezy because it's going to allow the cold air to keep funneling our way. And it's going to continue to drive the onshore flow.

And it's important because there will probably be questions over the next four or five days. Why is it so cool and breezy for so long in June? That's why. It's the way the pattern has set up.

It even wants to bring in a small possibility for some light rain by next Monday. Now, this is going to be a big talking point, considering the drought and the fire weather concerns we have. This rain even, if that happens-- and this is not a guarantee that's going to happen. But this rain is nowhere near enough to have an impact on either of those.

However, since it's a possibility for light rain in June, we'll start talking about it. We'll let you know how it plays out. It's not unheard of to get a system that comes through here in June and drops a little bit of light rain. But we have already entered our dry season, for sure. So keep your fingers crossed. It'll be nice to get it.

Whether we get that or not, we're getting the cooldown. Daytime highs in the low to mid-70s inland for many locations. We could easily, as we've already seen so far this season, Emily, with a couple of heat advisories just issued within the last week, it could be a lot hotter than that this time of year.

- Yeah, that's a big change. And I don't know that I've ever been so excited for 1/100 of a possibility of rain. But I'll take it.

DARREN PECK: Yeah, you and everyone else. We're going to keep our fingers crossed and a close eye on that over the next week, for sure.

- All right. Thanks, Darren.