TODAY'S Forecast: The latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather team

Temperatures range from high 50s to low 70s across the Bay Area

Video Transcript

DARREN PECK: Brilliant idea there, and hopefully we're all going to be able to do something like that ourselves before long.

All right, look at the view from the top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel. It's cloudy here, and it's cloudy for most of the Bay and really for most of the Bay Area except the farther you go inland, you get some breaks. This is the view over the Tri-Valley. That's clear sky, and there aren't too many of us that have sky that clear at this point because there's a strong surge of stratus clouds thanks to the marine layer having really beefed up and developed.

If you look at the current readings, each one of these sensors will show you. Concord is clear. Livermore it's clear. But all the rest of these have a cloud on them, and we're all pretty warm. Coldest spot I had on there was in the mid 40s.

However, even though it's relatively warm now for the morning, the real headline in the way today is going to change weatherwise from yesterday is the fact that we're going to be as much as 12 degrees cooler for the daytime high today for inland spots. Livermore and Concord, you're topping the list. [? Going to ?] be 12 degrees cooler today.

If we do the math, I'll show you what the actual daytime highs will be. How [? would ?] 66 sound for the daytime high? You were in the low 80s on Thursday, both Livermore and Concord. So from the low 80s on Thursday to the mid to upper 60s on Saturday, quite the turnaround.

But most other locations on here are not all that different from yesterday. San Jose, it's a six-degree drop to get you down to 65. San Francisco doesn't change at all. You'll be in the mid 60s.

And if we look at the daytime highs now for everybody, if those were kind of our top-six representative spots, Mountain View, you'll go to 66 today. So will Redwood City. It'll be 65 in Union City. We'll go to 68 in Pleasant Hill. Dublin goes to 66 today, and we'll top out at 73 in Fairfield. The number right in the immediate Bay has us in the upper 50s, as we saw, but we'll go to 62 in Berkeley, 62 Petaluma, and up into the mid 60s in Mendocino County.

Now, there's going to be a weak little storm sitting right off the coast for about the next four days. You can see it out there on the satellite. It's far enough away from us right now this doesn't really do a whole lot. But as we put it in the Futurecast, watch what happens with this thing. This takes us throughout the entire weekend. It's gotten a little bit larger. It's trying to throw some rain our way. This is now Monday night, not doing it.

If we put this into the long-range forecast and just watch what happens to that thing over the next few days, it just sits out there for, like, a week and a half. And then the next possibility for rain shows up way out here by the time we get to not this coming Tuesday. That's next Tuesday. That's the middle of April. We should never really look out that far and say that's exactly the way it's going to go, but just the idea if you're hoping for April showers, forget it. Although keep your fingers crossed for, you know, the ides of April. By the time we get to the middle of the month, small chance for rain. That's all we have.

There's your seven-day forecast, plenty of sunshine. And we'll have a slight warm up as we get towards the middle of next week. But, Emily, there's no real significant changes here. We did the big change over the last two days from that huge warm up in the mid 80s inland back down to the upper 60s today. And now other than a few clouds, that's it, just kind of smooth sailing.

- Kind of a rinse and repeat, but at least we know what to expect, right, Darren?

DARREN PECK: That's the way we like a good forecast.