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Showers on Sunday, clearing for the rest of the week

Video Transcript

DARREN PECK: I just love the visuals from any story like that. All right, back here, closer to the ground, we've got some good views. Our camera on top of the Salesforce Tower, looking back towards the Golden Gate Bridge. It looks misty here, and that's exactly what it's been. We've gotten light mist anywhere near the coast. It's not just the city. If you're near the coast or up in the hills, on the peninsula, we've gotten mist since, really, yesterday, late afternoon, early evening. Here in the city, we have gotten on some of the sensors about four hundredths of an inch of rain so far. Not at the official one, so it's-- we're not going in the record books yet as having already gotten rain, but you're not crazy if you think things have-- it looks like it has rained. If you can mist for several hours and it's not evaporating, it can look downright wet outside. But that's all that we've seen so far.

Let's take a look into those clouds with hi-def Doppler and see where the rain is. This is a little bit more noticeable now. So perhaps a little bit more of an uptick from this first band just approaching, and that'll come over the peninsula, work its way up over the hills. You know, go over, like Skyline Boulevard, La Honda will get some light rain out of this. I doubt it'll hold together as it gets over into the Santa Clara Valley.

We want to look up here because that's where the better rain is, and that doesn't get here until we get to about 8:00, 9 o'clock this morning. So the start of the rain begins up on the Sonoma County line here, right around 8 o'clock, and now watch that line, from that point forward, march its way across the entire Bay. Here we are at noon, going right through the Bay. Then we get towards the later afternoon. It's tougher to pick it out, but it's still there as it goes to the South Bay. It really falls apart by the time it's gotten there, and that doesn't happen until we get well into the afternoon today, and then by the evening, it starts to turn off.

Then tomorrow we will see a little bit of an uptick in wine country, up through the valleys of Napa and Sonoma, the hills up there. A few isolated thunderstorms will be possible on Monday fr-- as the system exits, but most of us won't see that. All of us will see the rain today. The question is how much for your part of the Bay, and if you're up in the North Bay, we pick up about a quarter of an inch on the high side of today's forecast. You see the city in there as well, about a quarter of an inch of rain. And as we look at the South Bay, the numbers are respectable down here as well. But it'll probably be more in the vicinity of a tenth to 2/10 of an inch of rain, so it's enough that we get stuff to get the roads wet and it impacts Sunday driving a little. But it shouldn't be too significant today here, just-- it's really more of a talker.

Here's where it's going to be significant, weather wise, today. That's a foot of new snow coming to the Sierra, up at Donner Pass. I-80, Highway 50, that's Echo Summit, we get about 8 to 10 inches of snow, and because of that, there is a winter storm warning that started at 11 o'clock last night and does not expire until 11:00 in the morning tomorrow, on Monday, and that's where travel really becomes difficult.

So as we take a look ahead to today's daytime highs, we're only s-- s-- going to the 50s. That's it. I mean, that'll be close to 7 to 9 degrees cooler today than we were yesterday. For many inland spots, it'll be grayer, it'll be a bit breezy, and it will rain. And in the seven day forecast, it's the only day like that. Isolated thunderstorms f-- for the-- for wine country tomorrow, and then we're off to the races. It's sunny and mid-80s for much of next week. Emily, back to you.