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Light snow in Sierra, but no precipitation in Bay Areaa

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DEVIN: Weather with Darren.

DARREN PECK: Keeping an eye on the snow in the Sierra right now Devin, I've got a beautiful view from a camera that sits out at Squaw taking a look back towards the higher elevations of the peaks. And you probably can see it pretty easily there every once in a while, you see just a few. Let me get it back so that we can get back to that beautiful live view. You see just a few flakes of snow there on your screen. I could stay on this all morning. But we've got other things to discuss. Like what does this mean for Bay Area weather?

Well, let me switch to high Def Doppler show you what that looks like right now. You can see where that system dropping the snow is all off to the east. Light snow falling in the Sierra, a little bit of rain falling over in Nevada. It doesn't have a significant impact here and I'm going to show you how that system is actually about to leave. If we go back to the wider view on the satellite and come out for an even bigger perspective, there's a large area of low pressure just spinning right over California and Nevada now. Can't miss it on the water vapor.

So that snow is right in the middle of it, and there's going to be more of it as we get into the evening. This gets us ahead now to 8 o'clock tonight. And you can see plenty of showers that have cropped up over the northern Sierra by this point. But again, here at home there's nothing happening. It's all over here. That's tonight, and as we play it forward from tonight and get it into Sunday, the system just leaves.

And it's been here for like the last three days, having a broad impact on the weather here at home. But nothing significant. You know, we've had a strong onshore wind event two days ago, and that calmed down and now basically what we're going to have is just sunny skies, temperatures that come in pretty much right where they should be for this time of year. A pretty mild marine layer. It is going to build back in over the next few days, you can see it here as we get into Sunday morning.

We'll see a little more of it tomorrow then we've got up there now. There really isn't a whole lot of it out there now. And we'll also see the wind pick up again this afternoon and evening, watch the colors bright up the screen right there. That's tonight. As we get towards sunset and we'll see a pretty strong onshore flow the wind rushing through the peaks along the coast, San Bruno gap right through the city. And it'll be breezy if you're near the water. Nothing new there from a perfectly normal.

Daytime highs today come into the low and mid 70s down in the South Bay. We'll see numbers in the Far East bay come into the upper 70s in some places. That's a 76 for Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton goes to 74. We'll go to 75 in Livermore. The number in Berkeley is 64, Oakland goes to 67, Mill Valley hits 67 and we'll see the low to mid 70s up in Sonoma County. So what happens from here?

Well, the seven day forecast shows us no real major swings. We are going to warm up a little bit on Monday, we'll see the temperatures climb into the low and mid 80s for daytime highs by the time we get to Monday, but we don't stay there long. And those numbers will cool back down by the time we get into Thursday, Friday. I'm just going to leave that right here. Beautiful shot from our camera up at Squaw watching the light snow flakes just kind of drifting down. They're not going to accumulate too a whole much Devin, but it's still, man that is just pretty to look at.

DEVIN: Yeah, the weather looks