TODAY'S Forecast: The latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather team

The latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather team

Video Transcript

DARREN PECK: OK, let's pick up this forecast and take a look at how deep the marine layer has gotten specifically from our camera on Treasure Island, which looks back towards the city. No surprise here. Those are gray skies. But the gray skies have made it all the way inland as well. And we'll switch to that camera next just to show you what's going on for the tri-valley.

But if we go to hi-def Doppler, there's nothing on here. Any of that green you're seeing there through the Central Valley, that's when National Weather Service will set the radar often to its most sensitive setting, and oftentimes you'll see stuff show up on there just because the radar is reading. Sometimes it's even birds that are taking off, but there's no rain in the Central Valley.

There's no rain for now, but I'll show you the bigger picture. We still have a storm centered right over California today. There will be more thunderstorms in the Sierra today, but we're not going to get any more here. Instead it's our marine layer, which burns all the way back to the coast by the time we've gotten to the early afternoon today, and then it comes back again in the overnight hours tomorrow.

So we're right in the heart of the season for that kind of thing. It is May and you know, it got that moniker "May gray" for a reason, and it's certainly been applying for the last few days. There's the larger system. You can see the showers that are spinning around the center of circulation. It really looks impressive when you bring out the colors on an infrared satellite like this. The higher the colors, the bigger the clouds, the more potential for rain.

You could see those showers, which tried to bring lightning to the Bay Area last night. But those dissipate, clear out, and if we look at this system on the big picture, center of it's down here. You really see it on the water vapor. Everything's spinning around that. And the Futurecast shows us that's how the storms will continue to pinwheel as the center of that system slowly moves away.

So we get one more day today in the Sierra where there are thunderstorms here at home. It's just the marine layer. A few clouds, which will come our way from that system. And that's really it. It will be breezy today. You can see the onshore flow turn on right there. That gets us into Sunday and Monday as the stronger winds start to pick up.

But that's just typical. It won't be as strong as the wind was for Friday and Saturday. Those were particularly windy days, especially Thursday and Friday actually for a very strong onshore flow. That's going to start to weaken and it will be more of a typical onshore flow, still breezy if you're near the water but not that bad.

Daytime highs today in the mid 70s if you're inland. We'll have some low 70s in the Bay, but mainly its low 60s. That's how you know the breeze has weakened, because we're going to warm back up into the low 60s in places like the city today, whereas we had been in the mid 50s for the last several days.

And looking across the seven day forecast, look at the warm up there going into Tuesday. We'll actually see the numbers begin to approach 80 for inland spots. So a nice little warm up for the early part of the week before we cool back down a little for the end of it. In the Bay we don't change a whole lot. We'll keep the temperatures in the mid 60s, and the morning-- and the coast will stay in the mid 50s.

No major headlines here. So we're quieting down. It's kind of interesting. We've got a storm over California, but it's going to be confined to a few thunderstorms in the Sierra today.