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Storm intensifies before rolling into San Francisco Area Sunday

Video Transcript

DARREN PECK: All right, let's get caught up on the rain that's going to be part of the story for the second half of Sunday. Plenty of it off the coast. But as we put it into the Futurecast and bring that line of showers forward, here we are by the early afternoon. Let's put a little more resolution on that and play this forward.

There's your cold front right there, very well-organized line that works its way across Sonoma County in the afternoon. That says 4 o'clock. And then gets down to the heart of the Bay by the time we get to right around sunset, which is happening after 7 o'clock tonight. Thank you very much, daylight saving time.

You can see that band of rain right there. That'll be some of the more impressive rain of the day. And then it clears the South Bay just by about midnight tonight. And then two things happen. Once that initial well-organized line of rain clears the South Bay, we're going to pull in enough cold air at that point, we start to get some light snow falling on Mount Hamilton. So that'll be pretty to see on Monday morning. Shouldn't be a lot. But it'll be enough that it'll be visible.

And then the other thing that happens is phase two of this rainmaker, which is going to cover much of Monday morning. Instead of the widespread steady rain, look at all these scattered showers out here. Watch what happens when I play this forward. We're going to take those. Most of them stay off the coast. And pretty much by the time we get to about 10:00 in the morning, 11:00 in the morning, they start to come to an end anyway. But for Monday morning, there is the possibility we could get a few isolated thunderstorms because that's what those will be as they come through on Monday.

If you add it all up, the rainfall totals don't amount to a whole lot. It's only about 4/10 of an inch of rain at most on the high side from this. And that tells you that the rain that comes through on Sunday afternoon comes through fairly quickly. So it'll be the most noticeable part of this system. It'll be good rain when it's there. It just doesn't last long enough to give you major rainfall totals. There's your 1/2 an inch of snow by the time we get to Monday falling down in the Diablo Range, specifically on Mount Hamilton.

The other aspect of this, the wind. So if we watch this storm come in as we did along the cold front, you can see it on the wind as well. And as I play this forward, there's the cold front beautifully outlined. Look at the streamlines, strong north winds back here, strong southerly winds right here. That's how you can spot it.

And that's important because right along that line where the winds meet, that's where you're going to get a strong uptick in wind, just as the cold front comes through. Watch that line move across the whole Bay Area through the morning. Here we are going into the evening. It's down along the peninsula. And then by midnight, it clears.

But after that cold front leaves, just like the storm changes in terms of the nature of the rain, it will also change in terms of the nature of the wind. And it will actually pick up a little in intensity because the strong north winds-- look now this is really gusting out here. We could see gusting to the mid-30s going into Monday morning. Monday morning will be quite windy. And it'll feel cold because it'll be a windchill factor to go along with those winds.

And there will be plenty of cold air in the storm itself. Watch the snow in the Sierra. We're going to pick up perhaps another 8 inches of snow up at Donner Pass. And we could see snow as low as 2,500 feet in the mountains, maybe 2 inches falling in Placerville. Probably wouldn't be that much, but it would be enough to mess with the drive on 50 and 80 down to about the 2,500 foot level.

Next chance of rain gets here on Thursday and Friday, a chance that could go into the weekend. But it looks to be focused mainly on Thursday and Friday at this point. Devin, back over to you.