TODAY'S Forecast: The latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather team

The latest forecast from the KPIX 5 weather team

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DARREN PECK: Well, that's the complete opposite of what we're going to be seeing here. There is no rain to be seen in our seven-day forecast, instead, the story is how warm we're going to be not only today, which is going to be pretty impressive, but for much of next week as well.

But before I get to how warm today is, I've got to show you how foggy it is right at the coast. That's the marine layer coming in through the Golden Gate. Real pretty shot now of the North Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands behind it. And you can see the towers standing up on Russian Hill.

Sutro Tower sees this as well now creeping in just over parts of the city and in through the Bay. You don't see it anywhere inland now. That's the Tri-Valley. And for most of us, this is the start of our day.

It's perfectly clear skies for the overwhelming majority of us. It's just that one little narrow ribbon that's coming in through the Golden Gate. If we look at the temperatures right now, we've got a couple of mid 30s on here. It's 36 for Petaluma, 38 in Santa Rosa, but everybody else is well into the 40s.

Look at that, 49. It's pretty much 50 degrees right now in San Jose. That's a relatively comfortable start to this day. There's our little batch of the marine layer. You can see why I'd say most people are waking up to clear skies.

It's through the Golden Gate and through the Petaluma gap. And it's only going to be around for about the next hour or two because the Futurecast shows us that strong onshore flow is not enough to keep it going. Watch the clouds melt back by the time we get past about 11 o'clock this morning.

Never leaves the coast though. That will play a part in how today's daytime highs will play out because while it will only be 61 for Pacifica, it's going to be 81 in San Jose. And if we do this tour for the rest of the Bay Area, you're going to see a lot of 80s on here.

Let's get over towards the far inland East Bay of Contra Costa in Alameda County. A lot of low 80s here. 79 Walnut Creek. 79 for Livermore. But it's only mid 60s for the city.

68, San Francisco. Sausalito's only going to 66. And you'll be looking at gray for a good part of this day. And then it'll be mid 70s as you get back up into the North Bay and low 80s into Mendocino.

So here's how the pattern is going to change a little bit for tomorrow. We're going to cool down just a bit on Monday because a weak storm right here just kind of falls apart as we go through Monday. We may notice a few clouds on Monday, slightly cooler, but it'll be the wind that we notice more than anything else.

Watch what happens as we pull down that stronger offshore flow right there. North winds start to fill in through the Central Valley and come through the Bay Area. And to show you the timing on this, we'll see the winds pick up a bit as we go through Monday. Probably won't notice much for the majority of us here.

This is mainly just wind in the mountains Monday. But watch late Monday and Tuesday. Now, the winds come back with a little more intensity. That's late Monday night.

And even though it might be a 50-mile-an-hour gust in the mountains, the great thing about a high-resolution map like this is look at the color coding here through much of the Bay. We both-- we don't notice a thing. It'll be calm in Fremont, and barely a 15, 10-mile-an-hour breeze down in San Jose.

So there's no wind advisory from this. But the takeaway is, Monday night into Tuesday, it'll get a bit breezy, really windy up in the mountains. There's your seven-day forecast. Temperatures warm up into the mid 80s as we go through the middle of the week, and then we'll cool them right back down again as we get towards next weekend. Back down into the mid 70s.

- And I see no rain, and I know that is going to lead us right into next story, which is a big bummer, well, for lots of reasons, no rain.


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