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Sunny and warm

Video Transcript

- Sunrise coming up at 6:41, meaning it just happened. And we can see it from our camera on top of the Salesforce Tower looking off towards the east. Such a beautiful view here at the Bay Bridge. In the foreground, the Oakland estuary not that far behind it, and the sun having just come up over the shoulder of Mount Diablo out there in the distance.

If we look at the East Bay a little more closely, this is what it looks like going up and down 880. And you could see the mid-level clouds here over much of the East Bay. That goes from Oakland all the way down to like, Milpitas and even into parts of San Jose. And if it's in the East Bay right along the water, it's also inland for the East Bay. This is inland Alameda County. That's the tri-valley. And you could see mid-level clouds there as well.

Taking a look from the top of the Salesforce Tower off towards the east, it's not that cloudy everywhere. In fact, you can tell where the clouds are and where they aren't by looking at the temperatures. Everybody over here is in the mid- and upper 40s. That's where the clouds are. Everybody up here in the mid-30s has no clouds. Like, 36 degrees for Santa Rosa right now. 35 up in the North Bay.

So clearer skies meant the temperatures have been able to drop. And here's another way of looking at it. A great representation on the Futurecast, and we'll play this forward, and the clouds all disappear by late morning anyway. And then we get into sunshine. The other aspect about today is it's still going to be windy if you are anywhere near water.

If you're on the coast, for sure it'll be windy. But even if you're in the immediate bay with access to the water, watch what happens to the wind. Still die down through the late morning, but the bright colors show you where the winds are going to pick up again once we get into the afternoon today. This gets us into 4 o'clock. That's pretty much prime time for when we notice that strongest onshore flow.

So we're back up to a 22 mile an hour wind gust in the city. Meanwhile, there's barely anything going on in Livermore. 11 mile an hour breeze. You don't even notice that. Look for the brighter colors, that's where you'll feel the wind a little more this afternoon as the onshore flow increases, and that's pretty classic for this time of year.

So let's see the impact on daytime highs today. We'll be sitting in the low 70s for much of the South Bay. We'll go to 71 in Campbell. 64 in Union City. San Mateo's going to 66 today. We'll be in the mid-70s for inland Contra Costa County. Pleasant Hill, 76. Danville's going to 73. We'll top out at 73 in Pleasanton, and it's pretty much the same number for Livermore.

But back into the bay proper, we're in the low to mid-60s. 63 in Oakland today. 64, San Leandro. We'll go 71 in Petaluma, and we'll top out in the mid-70s in the far north bay. Still watching the same system out in the Pacific just spinning its wheels out there. There's the Futurecast showing you where the rain is going to be over the next few days. It stays out here.

Storms up here have to go around the long way. And even as we put this into the long range forecast, we're already looking ahead to next week now. The date up there says April 16th, 17th, 18th. We have this persistent area of low pressure sitting out here off the coast of California. Tantalizingly close for rain, but none of it gets here.

It's been kind of fascinating to watch that because I started talking about that a week ago. For the next week and a half, we will still be talking about that. And in the meantime, nothing changes here. Daytime highs in the mid to upper 70s for inland spots. Even in the bay, we're going to warm up into the low 70s as we get into the early part of this week, and we'll keep temperatures on the cool and cloudy side at the coast. [? Emily-- ?]